• BY Amanda Rose
28 Aug

Are you finding it difficult to focus on running your business because of increasing staff turnover, management conflicts & an overall negative culture? These are all the symptoms of a dysfunctional workplace. Having a dysfunctional workplace is the quickest way to increase cost and decrease productivity at the same time. It’s a lose-lose-lose situation. You’re losing money, losing staff, and likely losing control of your str Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
15 May

What does a business consultant do for you? Let me rephrase that. What SHOULD a business consultant do for you? Regardless of the industry or area of expertise, when you hire someone to help you in your business they should be clearly doing TWO main things. They should be helping you make money (both in the immediate future and in the longer term 2. They should be helping you make the right decisions to SAVE you money (m Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
06 Feb

Do you feel you’re lacking focus, or your business has changed but you can’t seem to articulate why you’re different to everyone else? Do you feel as though you’re not fully representing and communicating your true value to people and the business world. You need to review your brand. Branding is not just for large companies, it is also both for you personally and for your business (regardless of its size). Your brand is your Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
20 Dec

There’s no doubt about the infrastructure boom happening in several Australian states. New South Wales is seeing a boost in residential & commercial developments, the WestConnex and NorhConnex tunnels, the upcoming Western Sydney Airport, and the major M12 motorway, to name just a few. In Victoria, there are major projects popping up in Melbourne, and Adelaide is still building major roads after its Superway. And don't forget Brisba Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
18 Oct

I gave up using the term ‘marketing’ many years ago and started to use the term ‘Strategic Connecting’. Why would I stop using a term that is so commonly employed? Because marketing has become a word that means everything yet can also mean nothing — all at the same time. Marketing departments and managers can create campaigns, plans and strategies without having to leave their desk. This is not going to build a brand or cre Read More

  • BY Amanda Rose
29 Aug

We know you want your brand to be a leader in your industry -- and it's the same whether it's your personal brand or your business brand. Doing this means you have to keep promoting your expertise to the world, and that requires creating content. For most business people this is an excruciating task. We're already time-poor, and the idea of producing a piece of content to be distributed via a blog, the media or even a newsletter ca Read More

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